Goods are now live!

Handknit goods are finally here so check them out! Granted, there are only 6 of them, but hey - I'm a full time college student as well.

There are 3 Maddie Headbands and 3 Jaclyn Mitts up for grabs - they've all been knit with love and they're ready to find homes with lovely people all over the US (I don't yet have shipping set up for outside the US - if you are an international customer and this is an issue for you please contact me!)

I'll be knitting at a comfortable pace - expect shop updates every 2-3 weeks. Right now it's just the Maddie Headband and the Jaclyn Mitts but I might get a little crazy and make a Rachel Wrap. There are also some exciting new designs heading your way - and look out for menswear come November! Comment below if there are any colorways you'd like to see! And don't forget to subscribe if you want the latest updates.

Just a note about price: I developed a formula that accounts for the price of yarn, the amount of yardage used in the project (which relates to how long it takes me to make said product), and the design component. If they seem expensive, keep in mind that I'm making these all by hand & with love.