Tell me more, tell me more

My ABOUT page has some handy little tidbits about Freesia Fibers, but I wanted my first post to explain a little bit about why I started this whole thing in the first place. It's pretty simple:

  1. I love to knit, and knitting can be pricey. If I can make a little $$$ (or break even), my life will be brighter.
  2. My consistent life goal for as long as I can remember is that I want to make pretty things and make people happy. Knitwear = pretty, knitting/designing for people = happy people.

So when I finally got myself together this summer and had enough time to start sketching out some designs, I was SO EXCITED! But I quickly hit a road block - how the heck do you just design something? Don't get me wrong, I've been designing my own knits for awhile, but they were always kind of a "hmm, I like this scarf from the Gap but I want to make it myself" or "my hands are cold and this yarn is pretty, let's make some mittens". The idea of just designing a "hat" that would appeal to a bunch of people was overwhelming. There are a million different kinds of hats!

I was in the midst of this dilemma when my Grandpa broke his hip. Don't worry, he's a trooper and he has good doctors so he's okay, but he was pretty funny when he was on all of his pain meds right after it happened. I was talking to him, and I told him I was thinking about knitting him some socks so that he would be super cozy during his recovery. He leaned in and whispered, all morphined-up: "No, no no, I don't want socks. I want gloves. Manly gloves."

So naturally I thought this was hysterical (because what the heck are manly gloves), and I was laughing about it with my boyfriend Grayson on the drive home when I had an epiphany. Gloves - manly gloves - manly gloves for my Grandpa - & I immediately had a picture in my mind!

When I thought about my Grandpa, and the type of guy that he is, and how he really just wanted some manly gloves, it was so easy to come up with a pattern for him. I decided then and there that all of my patterns would be designed about and for people closest to me. That night, I grabbed my idea notebook and filled up about 15 pages of sketches, yarn ideas, and just general excitement.

I started with the Rachel Wrap, the Maddie Headband, and the Jaclyn Mitts. These three women are people whose friendship I cherish so much, and I am so grateful to have them in my life. It was a joy to create a special garment just for them, and to be able to see them all model their unique pieces!

The name Freesia Fibers stems out of this whole idea. I read a book a few summers ago called The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It was beautifully written and I recommend it to everyone (PS add me on Goodreads, I love seeing what everyone is reading!), but my favorite part of it was learning about the Victorian language of flowers.

In Victorian England, creating bouquets was an art and a form of communication itself. Each flower meant something specific, so if you received a bouquet from someone it was not only beautiful and special but it also contained a hidden message. In this cryptic language of flowers, the freesia flower means "lasting friendship". I thought this was the perfect flower to name my business after. It's also a very pretty and fragrant flower, so I like that too!

Getting everything together to launch Freesia Fibers has been an absolute blast. I love the creativity and math involved in the designing, forming a brand, sketching a logo - it's like everything I love doing comes together into one. I am so excited for what's to come, and I hope you'll subscribe (below) or check in every once and awhile to be a part of this journey with me!

I'm always open for collaboration, so if you're a yarn company, fiber shop, or just someone wanting to talk about all things wooly, please don't hesitate to contact me! I can be reached at and on Instagram and Ravelry as @freesiafibers. I look forward to hearing from you!