Cultivating a beautiful life


Freesia Fibers is a knitwear design & production company centered in the love of natural fibers and building a lasting, timeless wardrobe. All pieces are designed and handknit by me, Megan!

design process

The name stems from the Victorian language of flowers, in which the freesia flower signifies lasting friendship. Many pieces are directly inspired by special friendships & relationships with people, nature, & everyday beauty - making “Freesia Fibers” the perfect name to capture the creative spirit & tactile nature of my work.


I only knit using high quality natural fibers such as wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, linen, and mohair. These fibers are not only remarkable (did you know that wool can soak up to 1/3 of its weight in water?), but much more sustainable than synthetic materials.

about me

My name is Megan & I'm a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago. I'm passionate about knitting, design, color, my faith, traveling, being a Hufflepuff, and much more. I've been knitting since I was 10, but really leaned into it in college as a form of stress relief and creative expression. I do everything for this business - from designing the knitwear, to crafting the website, to knitting up the patterns, photographing everything, & designing booth displays. I love it & I hope that you do too! Enjoy!