Cultivating a beautiful life


Freesia Fibers is knitwear design and production company all about celebrating creativity, friendship, and the goodness of life. My goal is to design fun, unique patterns for knitters and create beautiful handmade goods for non-knitters. My designs are inspired by my friends and family, nature,  & everyday beauty.

design strategy

Many of my knits are designed with a specific friend in mind. These designs uniquely represent the special human wearing it - it is meant to suit their lifestyle, their preferences, their personality, and basically be their "go-to" piece.

I decided to design my knitwear after my loved ones because I was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of just designing a "hat" or a "scarf". It is so much more fun & fulfilling to craft & knit each stitch when I can imagine the person cherishing this item for years to come.

what's in a name?

Freesia Fibers stems from the Victorian language of flowers. In Victorian England, creating bouquets was an art and a form of communication itself. Each flower meant something specific, so if you received a bouquet from someone it was not only beautiful and special but it also contained a hidden message. In this cryptic language of flowers, the freesia flower means "lasting friendship". I thought this was the perfect flower to name my business after. It's also a very pretty and fragrant flower, so I like that too!

about me

My name is Megan & I'm a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago. I'm passionate about knitting, design, color, my faith, traveling, being a Hufflepuff, and much more. I've been knitting since I was about 10 years old & it is remarkably rare that a day goes by that I don't at least knit a few rows. I do everything for this business - everything from designing the knitwear, to crafting the website, to knitting up the patterns, photographing everything, & designing booth displays. I love it & I hope that you do too! Enjoy!