Gift Knitting Guide // Hermine Colorwork Mittens Pattern Release

This pattern is probably the most anticipated pattern I've ever released - & by that I mean I've been looking forward to it for the entire year (& change) that Freesia Fibers has been in business. It's very near & dear to my heart, & it deserves a full blog post which I don't have time for right now (AKA look out for it tomorrow).

But for now, happy pattern release day! The Hermine Mittens are the third part of the Gift Knitting Guide, including 3 sizes (Tall, Grande, & Venti - because I'm craving coffee) & a total of 21 different colorwork combinations. They're a blast to knit, & while they might take a bit longer than some of the other pieces of the gift knitting guide, you definitely still have time to whip up a pair (or 6) before Christmas.

You can purchase the pattern through the link below, or on Ravelry or Etsy (& it's 25% off through Friday!). These handknit mittens will be for sale at Union Handmade later this week, but I'll have some available at markets & on Etsy if there's interest. You can also email me to custom order a pair in whatever color you'd like! Enjoy!