Gift Knitting Guide // Dan the Man Hat Pattern Release

It's family hat week! For the last part of the Gift Knitting guide, each of my family members gets their own hat pattern. There are four of us, but we're all very different people - giving you lots of options & styles to knit for your special loved ones!

Yesterday was the Donna Hat, & today is the Dan the Man Hat - aptly named because he is Dan the Man, but also because it's a simple & tailored hat that will be perfect for the difficult-to-buy-for man in your life.


My Dad has great taste - he's a pretty sharp dresser & he's got an amazing sense for women's bags (seriously, most of the bags I own are either from him or hand me downs from my mom that he gifted to her). But that also means that he's incredibly particular. Once he finds something he likes, that's it. He knows he likes it so he'll buy several & then never go shopping again.

But he's not exactly a hat guy - even though he lives in Iowa which is freezing cold in the winter. Naturally, I've been working to change that, & this hat is my valiant attempt. It's soft, lightweight, & a classic silhouette. It's also reversible, which is always fun. And it's a very lightly variegated color. It's a pretty safe hat, but it fits well & provides the warmth & comfort that a hat should.


I don't think that my Dad is unusual in his shopping habits (as he says, "I'm a buyer not a shopper"), or his particularity, or his dislike of hats. But gosh dang it, his ears must be cold! And I'm sure that you know someone who's impossible to gift for but really could use a hat. I'm hoping that this one will do the trick! (Plus, as a bonus - it can fit any adult size head, so if he doesn't like it, you can just keep it!)

You can purchase the Dan the Man hat pattern through the link below, & grab it at 25% off through Sunday! It's also available on Ravelry or Etsy. And if you'd like to order a custom hat, shoot me an email at Enjoy!