Vienna Vest & European Wrap // Pattern Releases & Creative Processes

The last of the Fall designs are here! The Vienna Vest & the European Wrap are two intricately connected pieces, very much inspired by & informed by one another. They were inspired by my dear friend Emily Kate - first I created the European Wrap just for her & her adventures abroad in Rome, & then the Vienna Vest was born & she ended up test knitting it for me! Neither of these pieces would exist without her & her beautiful, adventurous spirit (perfectly fitting into the Fall 2017 Adventurer Collection!).

I love both of these pieces, & it all comes down to the yarns used. They fade from DK/heavy sport weight to fingering weight to lace weight, which is so simple yet so effective in creating a beautiful drape & unique texture. And the color possibilities are endless! I chose to do similar colors, but you could create a more dramatic fade & get an entirely different look.


European Wrap


This piece was created to be a companion on Emily Kate's adventures across Europe. She is truly one of a kind - strong, self aware, confident, intelligent, giving, & a fiercely loyal friend. Basically every positive adjective you can think of, that's Emily Kate. I wanted to make her something that would be a companion wherever she went, & could act as anything that she needed. A pillow, a wrap, a scarf - anything!

The European Wrap is a convertible piece, meant to be worn however your heart desires. It is essentially a very long, tapered scarf with arm holes that allow you to wrap it around your body in a multitude of ways. I modeled it my favorite way - with the middle placed across the back, then each side brought forward & criss crossed over the front, & finally both arms stuck through the arm holes. But I'm sure that you'll all find your favorite ways to wear it! As you can see below, Emily Kate has found her own favorites as well.


Vienna Vest

I showed the European Wrap to one of my mentors, & she loved it - but challenged me to make another version that was a bit simpler, something one could just pop over their head without a thought. That night, I literally woke up at like 2 AM & had this in my brain. I knit it up in 2 days & absolutely fell in love with it. My favorite part is the neckline - so subtle but such a fun little addition!

Still connected to the European theme, I decided to name this vest after my favorite European city: Vienna. This vest, like the city itself, is beautiful thanks to its blend of simplicity & thoughtful structure.


Celebration sale!

Both patterns are 25% off now through Thursday (11/9) in celebration of their release. You can purchase the patterns through the links below, or on Ravelry or Etsy.