Gift Knitting Guide // Golden Wrap Pattern Release

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which for me usually means that my knitting kicks into high gear & I try to make everything for everyone. It's not always successful - I've wrapped unfinished scarves with the knitting needles still attached more times than I'd like to admit - but I genuinely love knitting for people so I keep doing it year after year.

In an effort to make gift knitting less stressful for you (& for myself!), this year I'll be releasing a few patterns that are gift knitting appropriate. Scarves, hats, mittens - all things that shouldn't take more than a few days to make & won't add to your holiday stress. And they're fun as heck to knit! I've really enjoyed knitting up these pieces and I hope that you will too.

I'll be releasing a new pattern each Monday for a few weeks, & the last week is just gangbusters with a new pattern each day. They'll each be 25% off for their week's release, so snap them at the reduced price while you can!

And if you're not a knitter, but you see something you love (for yourself or for someone else) - shoot me an email at to set up an order in any color you'd like. As each of these pieces are accessories, they're all under $100 - super giftable!


Gift Knitting Guide Pattern #1: Golden Wrap

wall 3.jpg

First up is the Golden Wrap, a super bulky wrap that to me is the knit version of furs that you see classy looking women draping around their neck in old photos. It just kind of sits there & hugs your neck & makes you feel as cozy as you are sophisticated.

When we were in New York City a few weeks ago, I got worried that I hadn't packed enough layers. So instead of buying another layer like a normal person, I went to Purl Soho & bought some bulky yarn & knit up this lovely piece to keep me warm. Since we were traveling largely in celebration of my golden birthday, Grayson had the idea to name it the Golden Wrap, which I looove. And now it's one of my absolute favorite accessories!

modeled 5.jpg

It's like wrapping a cloud around your neck, honestly. I put it on & I just feel like I've stepped into a world where everything is cozy & warm & full of goodness.

It's incredibly simple to knit, & a balance of a few of my favorite techniques - cables, lace, & moss stitch. The cables are only worked over two stitches, so you definitely don't need a cable needle (& I explain all of that in the pattern). And at the super bulky gauge, you could probably knit it up in an afternoon.

You can grab the pattern at the reduced price below - or on Etsy or Ravelry - through Friday (11/10). And you can email me at to custom order a handknit one for yourself or a loved one! Happy gifting!