2017 In Review

2017 best 9.jpg

2017, WOW - what a year! We all know about the political & social madness (& many spots of hopefulness as well), but I can also count 2017 as a pretty crazy year personally & professionally!

I completed a wonderful last semester of college at Loyola University Chicago & then graduated, moved in with my boyfriend, got a cat with said boyfriend (also the best cat - we love her so much <3), officially made Chicago my home, went full time with my business, released my first cohesive knitwear collection, failed a bunch, succeeded a bunch, got my handknits in a local Chicago shop, forged new friendships & lost some old ones, learned how to sew, went to NYC/Rhinebeck, had an incredible holiday season, knit my fingers off - PHEW! And I could keep going! 

It has truly been a fantastic year - albeit challenging, messy, & downright heartbreaking at times - but overall a genuinely exceptional time to be alive. I've grown more in these past 12 months than I ever could have imagined, & I am so proud of where I am (even though I have a ton of growing & learning still to do!).

But I don't want to look forward just yet (that's for tomorrow). Tonight, I'm going to celebrate all that this year has been - & I hope that you're taking some time for that as well.

I'd like to thank everyone reading this for being a part of this adventure - I truly appreciate every single blog post reader, every Instagram follower, & every single order. It means so much to me! You are helping me make my dreams come true!

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