Erin Crop Top Pattern & Creative Process

My sister recently graduated, and to commemorate & celebrate her achievements I made a trio of tops for her & her two best friends that she met while in school. These three clicked right away three years ago, and I am so incredibly grateful that Erin built such strong bonds to help her get through the craziness of graduate school.

Several of these tops are already available for purchase here, but I am also releasing the patterns throughout the week so that you can create them yourself. Each pattern release will be accompanied by a bit of explanation behind the design & the person it was made for.

First up is Erin! This top has the simplest structure of the three, which was very intentional. Erin's wardrobe is probably the most cultivated collection of clothes I've ever seen. She wears pretty much exclusively neutrals (& dark ones at that) with a little bit of olive green & navy thrown in there. Her clothes are solid colors, perhaps with a bit of heather, & you could probably pick out any top and bottom & they would go together seamlessly. It's honestly pretty impressive.

This incredible feat of a perfectly interchangeable wardrobe, however, means that Erin is remarkably picky when it comes to her clothes. She knew exactly what she wanted for this top, which made designing it more of a challenge of construction and preciseness as opposed to my usual process of exercising my creative juices. I actually had to make two different prototypes to ensure that the fit was perfect, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

The Erin Crop Top features a snug, ribbed section around the rib cage that expands slightly into simple stockinette stitch for the bodice. It is reversible with a scoop neckline. The straps are just wide enough to tuck a bra strap under so there's no fuss in having to wear a special bra, & the whole piece is knit up in soft, breathable cotton - extremely necessary for Erin in her new home of Arizona.

This pattern is available with my standard sizes: 30"-46", with 2" increments in sizing. It is available for purchase here and on Etsy and Ravelry, and as I mentioned earlier there are finished tops available for purchase on Etsy as well.