Color Inspiration Week 3: Verona, Italy


Chicago was really dang depressing this week. I'm talking no sun for days, rain that brings flash floods, & just a whole lot of gloom! I wasn't able to go out in the world to find an beautiful color palette, so instead I turned to the plethora of photos stored on my computer.

I was immediately drawn to this photo that I took in Verona, Italy a little over a year ago. I was studying abroad in Vienna at the time and my friend Marykate and took a quick weekend trip to Italy. We were greeted by gorgeous sunny weather, delicious food, flowers, & a whole lot of loveliness.

I snapped this photo as we were walking back to our little B&B from a day of exploring, & it makes me smile every time I look at it. The overflowing flowers & greenery, the painted buildings & old shutters - it's somehow cozy & exciting at the same time.


Pantone Color Palette

As I only have one photo this week, there's only one color palette. I think it does represent that interesting feeling I mentioned earlier - a mix of coziness & excitement. That was kind of my study abroad experience in a nutshell. I felt such an extreme comfort being surrounded by old structures with so much history but it was also so stimulating & exciting & new to me. *Sigh* I miss it!


Yarn Connections

Quince & Co.'s gorgeous 100% merino yarn Phoebe has the absolutely perfect palette for this week. And how fitting that it was named after the planets - it adds to the sense of exploration & discovery I felt as a part of my study abroad experience. I'd always wanted to knit with Phoebe, & now I finally have some on my needles! I'm knitting up a Heidi pillow in the colorway Saturn (found below) & it is as glorious as I'd ever dreamed. I'll definitely be using this yarn more in the future.

From left to right: mars, mercury, saturn, venus, earth. Photos by  Quince & Co .

From left to right: mars, mercury, saturn, venus, earth. Photos by Quince & Co.