Jeni Cami Pattern & Creative Process

The Jeni Cami is the second in the trio of tops I made for my sister & her two best friends from graduate school. Jeni is one of the kindest, brightest souls I've ever met - I truly don't think there's a mean or negative bone in her body! I wanted to create something that would make her feel confident, comfortable, & stylish all that once.

Different from my experience designing Erin's top, I had almost no direction from Jeni. "I trust you!" she'd say, & then when I showed her a swatch or a sketch she'd fawn over it & say it was the greatest thing ever. (See what I mean about her being ridiculously lovely?)

Jeni's was actually the last top I finished because of several little accidents or mistaken measurements along the way. At one point, I sewed the straps together from the same side (*face palm*). I didn't realize what I'd done at first & I tried to put my head through what was actually an armhole. It was awful.

But we got here! And the finished result is so glorious that I even made one for myself & I truly adore it. Thank you, Jeni for being such a gracious muse!

This top is the most malleable of the three, as you can choose between two different necklines (scoop & v neck - I chose both so it's reversible) & two lengths (full & cropped). This pattern is available with my standard sizes: 30"-46", with 2" increments in sizing. It is available for purchase here and on Etsy and Ravelry, and there are finished products up on Etsy as well.