Book Club: Originals by Adam Grant

I've wanted to be in a book club for my entire life, but unfortunately that's never manifested. So I figured I'd start one here! Enter Book Club, bringing you books of all kinds to feed a creative & beautiful life. This segment will run the first Friday of every month to stimulate creative energy & passion for your weekend & throughout the month ahead. Please feel free to discuss the book (or give book recommendations) in the comments, & enjoy this month's pick: Originals by Adam Grant.

This book reminded me of school in the absolute best way. I graduated a few months ago from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Communication Studies, & Originals helped fill the ache in my heart for learning about humans & how we act & interact to bring about meaningful change in the world. I even shot my favorite professor an email to check this book out because it could honestly be the textbook for several of his classes.

Grant delivers a plethora of knowledge essentially on what makes people and companies who are "different" or "unique" succeed. He touches on when procrastinating can be a good thing, how to ensure we're not falling victim to groupthink and are fostering the most original ideas, tools to combat anxiety and anger, and much more. As a social scientist, he backs up his claims with both studies and stories. He tells successes and failures of companies such as Warby Parker, Apple, Polaroid, and Disney that I'd never heard before - including a great tale about how The Lion King came to be. Grant is always careful to remind readers that no person or explanation is perfect or conclusive and that even originals can epically fail.

Overall, I definitely recommend this book. It's engaging, informative, and inspiring and provides wonderful anecdotes to tell your friends. I'm looking forward to checking out Grant's previous bestseller, Give and Take, & his new novel with Sheryl Sandberg, Option B.

Favorite quote

"Having a sense of security in one realm gives us the freedom to be original in another." (page 19)

Important takeaway

Research shows that in the long run, people regret errors of omission much more than errors of commission. Ergo, follow your dreams & tell your loved ones your feelings.