Speckle Pillow Pattern & Creative Process

I'm having a lot of fun with home goods. They're remarkably functional, & they allow for knitwear to be enjoyed every day as opposed to a top you can only wear every few days, or a sweater you can only wear half of the year. I've also developed a deep love of 12"x18" pillows, because I've discovered they are perfect for sticking behind your neck as you sit on the couch. Just the right amount of support!

This design was created specially for my new(ish) home and was honestly a bit of an accident. Grayson & I's home is made up of so many lovely handmade touches; some made by me, some by my mom, & others that we found through various other means (including a really sweet wooden Chicago flag made from reclaimed Chicago wood that we got from UrbanArtChicago - check them out on Etsy here!). Our bedroom is still a bit of a work in progress, but will include a quilt my mom is making us (she is the absolute best), a sewn pillow she originally made my sister but was transferred to me, & some knit pillows made by me (this will eventually all be photographed, don't you worry).

I was originally planning on making these decorative pillows yellow, as our bedroom colors are a lot of different shades of blue/grey denim & chambray + pops of yellow. The front of the quilt is predominantly blue, so I thought the yellow pillows would be a nice touch, but then I saw this yarn at Stitch Together Studio back home (I really love that place) & I NEEDED it.

It's just the most lovely speckles & beautifully dyed, on top of being wicked soft. Plus it was hand dyed by the owner herself, which meant that I was bringing a piece of home with me to my new(ish) home in Chicago. All those emotions coupled with some dang good yarn really drove this design.

I often struggle with speckled or hand-dyed yarn because finding the perfect pattern to complement its beauty is honestly really hard. You don't want to pick something too busy because it can take away from the yarn itself, but at the same time you don't want it to be boring.

So for this design I went with a very simple stockinette stitch - it's so meditative & it allows for every stitch & every speckle to be honored & loved (I know this sounds cheesy, but I truly adore knitting these pillows). That stitch is matched with a carefully designed structure including three needle bind offs & picking up & knitting stitches. It creates a seamless, uniform structure that allows for the beautiful yarn to shine.

This is by far my favorite pillow on our couch, & I'm in the process of working up another one to go on our bed (that will all eventually be pulled together - we're getting there!). I can't wait to see what this looks knit up in different colorways. The possibilities are endless!

You can purchase this pattern here as well as on Etsy & Ravelry, & if you would like a handknit pillow please contact me at megan@freesiafibers.com & we can dream up something wonderful.