Color Inspiration Week 9: Dog Days of Summer


Did you know that, like many things, the origin of the phrase "dog days of Summer" is Greco Roman? As I learned from this lovely Nat Geo article, this phrase actually refers to the heliacal position of the dog star, Sirius (AKA the origin of Sirius Black's name). The Greeks & Romans would refer to the time of the year when Sirius appeared to rise just before the sun as the "dog days" - the hottest & least bearable time of year.

Apparently the time when Sirius rises isn't actually always the hottest time of year, but it's still a fun anecdote. And fitting for this week, when my buddy Jake popped in front of the camera as I was taking a picture of our backyard & more of my mom's planters - adding a lovely warm chestnut to the color palette.

Even though I don't know how to read the stars, I'm pretty sure the dog days of Summer are over as the crisp chill of Fall is certainly creeping into the air. So cheers to a lovely Summer (check out the End of Summer Sale while you're at it), & be prepared for me to launch into full Fall mode starting next week. I'm maybe a little tooooo excited about it!


Pantone Color Palettes

So many of the palettes this summer have been filled with rich, bright greens, & this week is no exception. I absolutely love being surrounded by so much life & vibrancy, & visits to home are always full of that thanks to the fact that we live in a forest & my mom is an excellent gardener. She frequently puts together plants in split complementary colors & I love it.


Yarn Connections

It took me forever to pick the yarn for this week. I couldn't find anything that had the right green tones, & I really wanted something botanical. Finally, I stumbled upon this lovely collection of plant-dyed yarn by Mehlsen sold at Loop London. This stuff is wool hand-dyed with plants picked from the western part of Denmark which is just about the coolest thing I've ever heard! It comes in so many hues & tones & I highly recommend checking it out. The colors I've shown below are (in order) 31, 28, 5, 12, & 67.

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