Explorer Tank Pattern & Creative Process


This design has been on quite the journey. Originally conceptualized as an artistic component to my Communication Studies Capstone Project this past May (in which I observed yarn store culture & synthesized my observations into a series of codes which I then translated into a handknit top - just typical academic stuff), I pulled this tank out of my closet towards the end of the summer & fell in love.

Since it's made of wool, it's not the best for daringly hot summer days - hence me semi-forgetting about it until the transition between summer & fall. But as the temperatures turned slightly chillier (think 60s/70s) it suddenly became my favorite top. It's cropped (but can easily be lengthened), which is one of my favorite lengths for tops because I own a lot of high waisted skirts & jeans. It's also excellent for layering - over long sleeve shirts, under jackets, under shawls, etc. And it has a plethora of surprising little details - the lace latticework back, the flattering v-neck bodice, & the contrasting side seams (to name a few).

I knit up this piece using Quince & Co. Puffin in Egret for the front & O-Wool O-Wash Sport in Silver Maple for the back - I can't even begin to convey how squishy & lovely these yarns are. I want to make blankets out of them, they're so soft. It's like wearing a cloud.


I was wearing this tank when we went to take pictures of the Adventurer Collection, & as I looked at all of my samples I noticed that this was basically the perfect addition to the collection. Last minute additions for the win!

I decided to call it the Explorer Tank because the minute I throw on this tank I just want to go out & do fun things. It's also teeny tiny & super packable - you could almost think of it as a vest in terms of layering opportunities. It's inexplicably just a blast to wear & I want about 20 more of them in my closet.


The Explorer Tank pattern is available for purchase on Etsy, Ravelry, & my website. You can also custom order your own if you're not a knitter. And, bonus - all of this is currently 20% off! To celebrate all the new Fall releases & just the season of Fall in general, every pattern & good from the Adventurer Collection is 20% off through 9/17. My current favorite treat is this slew of handknit Rocky Mountain Beanies. They're so fun! As new patterns & products are released, they'll also be added to the sale.

PS // if you're interested in seeing that Capstone project about yarn store culture, shoot me an email (I'm joking because I know you don't want to read that. But it was a real blast to put together & I'm just going to pretend that people want to read it).