Thoughts & Feelings // On work/life balance & self-care


It's been a (wonderfully) busy week here in Chicago, accompanied by rising temperatures that I'm finding not so wonderful. I'm incredibly jealous of people who are currently experiencing Fall-like weather, especially since I've been working on that bulky mountain of goodness in the photo above. 80+ degree temperatures do not mix well with super chunky knitwear!

My original plan was to have all the designs of the Adventurer Collection released by the end of this week, but obviously that hasn't come to fruition. I put a bit too much on my plate, & I just need more time to work though it all. There's a serious beauty to being your own boss (seriously, I love it!), but it also means that you're really the only person who can check your level of work/life balance. And I'm definitely still working on that!

This weekend, I'm heading out to one of my favorite places in the world to direct a retreat that is near & dear to my heart. My former boss called me & asked for my help & I am SO excited to step in. As someone who works alone every day, I'm ready to be surrounded by 50+ energetic college freshmen & an amazing team of staff & student leaders.

But mostly, I'm excited to get out into nature & enjoy a break from the city. While I love living in Chicago, I do miss the openness of the country - there's something so serene & wonderful about being surrounded by trees, being able to see the stars, & experiencing silence. Even in a bizarre 80 degree September heat wave.

I hope that wherever you are this weekend, you're able to enjoy nature & a bit of respite from the craziness of life. I'll be back next week with all that bulky goodness for you. Happy weekend!


Random fun tidbit...

Remember when I talked about #bringbackdandelion & referenced my twitter rant? A random (lovely) lady responded to one of my weeks-old tweets yesterday with the excellent point that children everywhere have been using dandelion to draw the sun since the beginning of time (that was an editor's note. She did not say the beginning of time, I just feel very strongly about this subject). It was lovely to see that people still care about this glorious crayon as much as I do. God Bless.