Color Inspiration Week 13: The Most Perfect Rose Gold Yarn


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me gush about this yarn in the above photo earlier this week. And honestly, I cannot stop gushing. It is glorious. It's the kind of yarn that is (literally) keeping me up at night with ideas, & even though I purchased it with very specific projects in mind I have about 7 billion other things I want to knit with it.

It's basically rose gold in a yarn, which was unintentional as I purchased it but such a lovely surprise. I would like an entire shelf full of it in every base that Madelinetosh offers because it does all of the magical things that rose gold does: it warms everything it comes into contact with, it's basically neutral but with just a hint of blush that compliments any skin tone, & it just feels luxurious. I genuinely think it might be my favorite yarn ever (*gasp!*).


Pantone Color Palette

I threw two of the skeins of this glorious yarn on top of my original Rachel Wrap - a cool, grey/green/taupe/blue variegated loveliness (knit up in Madelinetosh DK Twist, which is the same base as the yarn on the left). As expected, the yarns warmed up the entire photo & added a lovely rosy tinge to their surroundings. The twinkly lights helped too, of course.


Yarn Connections

The actual name of this colorway is Doe Eyes - which I think is wonderfully fitting. I have two bases of this yarn currently in my possession (both members of my All Time Favorite Yarns Club) - DK Twist & Tosh Mo Light. DK Twist is an extremely springy 100% merino wool - it's used in the Rachel Wrap, Rocky Mountain Beanie, & maaany more designs to come. Tosh Mo Light is a fingering weight blend of 80% merino wool & 20% mohair. It's an incredibly soft & almost ethereal 1 ply with just the right amount of sheen. It's gorgeous in a lightweight sweater, which is my current plan for the 3 skeins I own, but who knows what this yarn will really end up being!

Madelinetosh has quite a few bases available in Doe Eyes, & this is a perfect opportunity to show how dye can take to different fibers, plys, & weights of yarn. If you're not a knitter, this might not immediately make sense to you - what I'm talking about is how the constitution of the yarn itself changes how the same dye color(s) will appear. The fiber it's made of (wool, wool/alpaca, mohair, silk, etc.), the way it's spun (in essence, tightly or loosely), whether it's made of one single plump strand or a few strands twisted together - all of this will fundamentally alter the way that the dye absorbs into the fiber.

Pretty cool, right? You can see it in action below. In order from left to right you can find DK Twist, Euro Sock, Farm Twist, Longrider DK, Tosh Merino DK, & Work Sock (all photos by Madelinetosh).

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