Color Inspiration Week 11: The Colors of the Wind


Last Friday, I found myself awake for the sunrise thanks to Grayson having to work super early & me thinking it was a good idea to just wake up at 4 AM with him. While I regret waking up that early because I think I'm still recovering from lack of sleep, I would do it again in a heartbeat to witness the beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan. I'm going on my 5th year of living in Chicago (& living right off the lake every year, no less) & somehow this is the first time I've witnessed this crazy beautiful natural experience.

While it was early, I was far from alone. There were seagulls everywhere, people running past on the lakeshore trail, & a hilarious older couple doing some kind of sun salutation dance on the beach (they were awesome). It was a different side of the city - softer, kinder, & a bit more bizarre. I loved it!



I sat on the beach & knit for awhile while watching the sky change by the minute. I snapped a few photos, but there's no way they can do justice to this kind of beauty. Important note: none of these photos are edited in the slightest.


Pantone Color Palettes

I chose to take one photo & see all the different palettes I could pull from it, & I'm so happy with the result. Do you see why I called this segment the colors of the wind?


Yarn Connections

I was expecting to pull from a few different yarn brands/colorways for this week, but then I stumbled upon this yarn from Woolen Boon & it is sheer perfection. It captures so many of the different colors I saw in the sunrise, in the saturated tones that my eye could see but my camera couldn't capture. The colorway is called A SKEIN HAS NO NAME after Arya from Game of Thrones, so that adds to the allure.

A SKEIN HAS NO NAME; yarn & photo by  Woolen Boon .

A SKEIN HAS NO NAME; yarn & photo by Woolen Boon.

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