Savor // Inspirations & Color Summary

Happy lazy Sunday, friends! Chicago has experienced about a million pounds of snow this weekend (very accurate measurement), which means I've spent a whole lot of time relaxing indoors, taking night time walks in the twinkly snow, knitting, & hanging out with some of my favorite people.

Basically, I've been embracing the feeling of this Journal: SAVOR - taking the time to enjoy late winter in all of its glory (read more about my new Journal model here). This post will give you a little more insight into the inspiration behind this issue, as well as preview of a few of my new designs & projects to come.


The inspiration behind SAVOR came together very organically. The holiday season was insane for me this past year, & I found myself thinking about all the things I should be doing, or that I had missed out on, or I wasn't doing well enough. The short days & long nights gave me anxiety, & made me feel like there wasn't enough time in the day. I spent way more time thinking about everything I wasn't doing, instead of just living in the present & celebrating everything I had accomplished & all of the wonderful things & people around me.

And when I took the time to slow down & look at the good things surrounding me instead of the bad, I found so much light & joy. I mean, have you guys ever taken a walk at night while it's snowing? It's like the whole world is literally twinkling & the sky is this amazing purpley/orange color & you can make a snow angel wherever you want because no one else is out there! And all you knitters - have you ever swatched for a project & focused on the beautiful pattern unfolding in front of you instead of resenting the extra step it takes to get to the finished project? I did that the other day & it was like I fell in love with knitting all over again. I took time to appreciate the process, not just the product. And that little mind shift is what SAVOR is all about.

pantone colors.jpg

Each piece in this Journal is extremely special to me. I have designs inspired by my Great Grandmother, my boyfriend, some of my closest friends, & my most beloved book series (Harry Potter, obviously). I was extremely thoughtful about the yarns I chose, both for their color(s) & fiber contents, & I am so pleased with how they've all come together.

In the photo above, you can find my mood board for this issue as well as a color summary. While I pulled inspiration from a variety of sources, many of the photos & artwork that you see are distinctly European. There are some polaroids from my time studying abroad in Vienna (& traveling around Eastern Europe) two years ago, a print I created in my Screen Printing class while there of a Jane Austen quote ("what are men to rocks & mountains" - classic), & several other pieces of art from European artists. Many of the yarns I used in this issue are directly sourced from Europe as well.

I think I was drawn to so many European influences because while living in Vienna I was basically a walking talking billboard for the core feelings of SAVOR (Austrians have an amazing work/life balance & they really love coffee & cake - very on brand), & my Great Grandmother emigrated from Austria when my Grandmother was a young woman. The jumping off point for this issue was the Maria sweater (inspired by my Great Grandmother, teased on Instagram several times as well as below), & her thoughtful & creative spirit is echoed throughout everything you'll see for the next few weeks.


Design Preview

I've been showing snippets of a lot of upcoming designs on Instagram for the past few weeks, but you can find a few more exclusive photos below to get you excited! (PS - there are more designs that haven't even been teased yet!)


Upcoming Delights

I have a lot of fun posts lined up for this week, including a few Valentine's Day inspired treats (both the edible kind & the knitwear kind) & the first pattern of SAVOR, the Grayson Hat (pictured above)! Make sure to subscribe below so that you don't miss a thing!