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Savor // Harry Potter's Common Room Socks Pattern Release & Creative Process

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series has impacted every facet of my life - it taught me what true friendship should look like, gave me a love of reading that will last a lifetime, & challenged me to believe in light even in the darkest of times. In short, I'm obsessed. And that obsession naturally had to merge with my other obsession - knitting! So here we are with the first of 7 sock designs, each inspired by one of the magical Harry Potter novels.

Fair warning: you are about to read essentially a book report from a superfan merged with the creative process of me designing socks. It's as nerdy (but hopefully as lovable) as you would expect.

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Savor // Super G Hat Montana Meltdown

Alright, so here's the deal. My sister always has a way of keeping me in check & bringing me back to reality (this could also be interpreted as "popping my bubble of joy") & she did just that on my Instagram post releasing the Super G hat. In all of my joy at the finished product, I literally mentally blocked out the more difficult parts of the process of creating this hat.

Like I had a FULL BLOWN meltdown over the first iteration of this hat (more details below, don't you worry) & it wasn't that I consciously chose to exclude it in my last blog post of sunshine & flowers, I literally did not remember that it happened. But then Erin reminded me (& also gave me a great blog post title, already in proper grammatical style) & now I must recount this vital part of the creative process. Because creativity includes maaany highs & lows, & I know that I am often guilty of only documenting the highs...

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Savor // Super G Hat Pattern Release & Creative Process

Has anyone else been watching the Olympics nonstop? This hat was made for Grayson as a Christmas gift, but when I asked him what he wanted it to be named last night he immediately blurted out "SUPER G" & then started talking about how it kinda looks like a ski hat & basically we've got winter sports on the brain.

I've knit Grayson a Christmas hat every year since we started dating, so this is his fourth hat! So exciting! He requested colorwork so I went simple & graphic, & I'm so happy with the result...

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Savor // Love Pillow Giveaway!

Hooray, it's giveaway time! This little heart pillow has brought a lot of joy into our household & while the pattern is free (find it on Ravelry or through this link here), I know not all of you are knitters. And everyone should have this cozy cute pillow in their home! (Did I mention it's also a great neck pillow if you flip it upside down? Adorable AND functional!)

While I love the OG yellow pillow, Grayson mandated that that one is just for him (totally fair, as it was his Valentine's Day gift & the manifestation of my love), so the winner will be able to choose from a few other colors. And luckily this little buddy doesn't weigh much, so I'll ship anywhere in the world.See more info below on how to enter...

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Savor // Love Pillow Pattern (free!)

Ah, love! This year Valentine's Day is apparently a highly celebrated holiday in Freesia Fibers land because I decided to do not one, but two cheesy little heart shaped celebrations. First the conversation heart cream cheese sugar cookies, recipe found here, & now the free pattern for this wonderfully cozy heart shaped pillow!

I gifted this pillow to Grayson as a sign of my love, because to be honest I really view my love as a handknit heart shaped yellow pillow. It just makes sense! And now you can make it for the love in your life. Which could deeefinitely be yourself...

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Savor // Valentine's Day Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie Recipe

Happy Valentine's Day! I think a lot of people tend to either be VERY VERY anti Valentine's Day or VERY VERY pro Valentine's Day, & I'm pretty sure I fall into the smaller middle ground. It's nice to have a day to celebrate love, isn't it? And you get to eat everything heart shaped?! Sign me up!

My sister & I make these conversation heart cookies every year, but this past year she moved out to Arizona so now I'm all on my own! But when I'm with Erin we write aggressive (her word choice) sayings on the cookies - think all the inappropriate words you know, insults instead of compliments, all that fun stuff. But since it was just me I got to do fun, happy words this year! It was a bittersweet change. But the cookies themselves are delicious as ever. And lucky for you guys, I'm sharing this knockout recipe with you today!...

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Savor // Inspirations & Color Summary

Happy lazy Sunday, friends! Chicago has experienced about a million pounds of snow this weekend (very accurate measurement), which means I've spent a whole lot of time relaxing indoors, taking night time walks in the twinkly snow, knitting, & hanging out with some of my favorite people.

Basically, I've been embracing the feeling of this Journal: SAVOR - taking the time to enjoy late winter in all of its glory (read more about my new Journal model here). This post will give you a little more insight into the inspiration behind this issue, as well as preview of a few of my new designs & projects to come...

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