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Savor // Love Pillow Pattern (free!)

Ah, love! This year Valentine's Day is apparently a highly celebrated holiday in Freesia Fibers land because I decided to do not one, but two cheesy little heart shaped celebrations. First the conversation heart cream cheese sugar cookies, recipe found here, & now the free pattern for this wonderfully cozy heart shaped pillow!

I gifted this pillow to Grayson as a sign of my love, because to be honest I really view my love as a handknit heart shaped yellow pillow. It just makes sense! And now you can make it for the love in your life. Which could deeefinitely be yourself...

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Free Pattern! // Comfort Coffee Cozy

The Adventurer Collection has a lot of big exciting pieces, but this little guy is just as fun as the rest of them. And he's free!

The Comfort Coffee Cozy brings a little bit of home with you wherever you're out exploring. You can store this cute lil' buddy in your purse & whip it out whenever you get a coffee on-the-go & add some personality to your java as well as some homestyle comfort. It's also a wee bit more eco friendly than those cardboard cup warmers - & it can fit around a reusable to-go cup as well!

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