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Savor // Valentine's Day Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie Recipe

Happy Valentine's Day! I think a lot of people tend to either be VERY VERY anti Valentine's Day or VERY VERY pro Valentine's Day, & I'm pretty sure I fall into the smaller middle ground. It's nice to have a day to celebrate love, isn't it? And you get to eat everything heart shaped?! Sign me up!

My sister & I make these conversation heart cookies every year, but this past year she moved out to Arizona so now I'm all on my own! But when I'm with Erin we write aggressive (her word choice) sayings on the cookies - think all the inappropriate words you know, insults instead of compliments, all that fun stuff. But since it was just me I got to do fun, happy words this year! It was a bittersweet change. But the cookies themselves are delicious as ever. And lucky for you guys, I'm sharing this knockout recipe with you today!...

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