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Savor // Super G Hat Montana Meltdown

Alright, so here's the deal. My sister always has a way of keeping me in check & bringing me back to reality (this could also be interpreted as "popping my bubble of joy") & she did just that on my Instagram post releasing the Super G hat. In all of my joy at the finished product, I literally mentally blocked out the more difficult parts of the process of creating this hat.

Like I had a FULL BLOWN meltdown over the first iteration of this hat (more details below, don't you worry) & it wasn't that I consciously chose to exclude it in my last blog post of sunshine & flowers, I literally did not remember that it happened. But then Erin reminded me (& also gave me a great blog post title, already in proper grammatical style) & now I must recount this vital part of the creative process. Because creativity includes maaany highs & lows, & I know that I am often guilty of only documenting the highs...

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Hermine Colorwork Mittens Creative Process

I know that I say every new pattern is my favorite, but the Hermine Colorwork Mittens are truly the OG (yes, I just referred to mittens as "Original Gangsters"). The inspiration for them came long before I even knew how to knit, when my Great Great Aunt Hermine (yes, she's a boss - still knitting at age 95) sent my family gorgeous colorwork mittens all the way from Austria to America every few years when I was a kid.

These are the kind of mittens that everybody loves - even my sister, who dresses in purely neutrals & solids, has a pair. There's something completely classic about them that's a little irresistible. Whenever I knit a pair in public, I get strangers coming up to me oooh-ing & aaah-ing. Whenever I knit a pair for someone I know & love, it's treasured in a way that I really hope all my handknits are treasured, but it's for some reason a more palpable feeling. It's like these mittens are unmistakably a great feat of knitting - people can't help but stop & admire them.

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Yarn Pilgrimage // NYC

I'm still giddy over our trip to New York. It was probably the first time in my life that I really needed a vacation, due to all the work that I've been doing (& loving! but still, lots & lots of work). And it certainly did the trick - I came back nourished, inspired, & ready to jump into the holiday season.

I shared about our trip to Rhinebeck in my last post, & I'm so excited to share more about all the fibery exploring we did in New York City itself (& some fun new designs I've already started knitting with my new yarn!). Welcome to the second installment of my new favorite blog segment: Yarn Pilgrimage.

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Slow Fashion October // Making, Remaking, & Mending

Slow Fashion October is in full swing all over the internet & I am LOVING it! Check out the #slowfashionoctober hashtag on Instagram to follow along, & if you missed my first blog post you can check it out here. In this post, I outline the results of my wardrobe musings & where to go from here - a leap into sewing, mending long-worn pieces, & reworking some very special yarn.

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Slow Fashion October // Introduction & Goals

The best month of the year is finally here! Just kidding, they're all great. But October has a special place in my heart, because #1 it's birthday month (& GOLDEN birthday month this year!); #2 the weather is pretty much unequivocally excellent; and #3 it's Slow Fashion October!

I am an avid follower of Karen Templer's blog, Fringe Association (& her shop is awesome too!), and one of my favorite things that she does is Slow Fashion October. For the glorious month of October, she facilitates a beautiful, messy, complex, & rewarding conversation surrounding the concept of slow fashion & the people, brands, & cultures that choose to partake in it.

Everyone defines slow fashion differently - I'm partial to Karen's definition found here - but the way I look at it is pretty simple (on the surface). To me, slow fashion is just paying attention to your clothes. Of course, that can be broken down - where they come from, how they make you feel, who made them, how to properly care for them, what they're made of... the list can go on & on. But on its purest level, slow fashion, to me, is paying attention to your clothes.

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