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Savor // Super G Hat Montana Meltdown

Alright, so here's the deal. My sister always has a way of keeping me in check & bringing me back to reality (this could also be interpreted as "popping my bubble of joy") & she did just that on my Instagram post releasing the Super G hat. In all of my joy at the finished product, I literally mentally blocked out the more difficult parts of the process of creating this hat.

Like I had a FULL BLOWN meltdown over the first iteration of this hat (more details below, don't you worry) & it wasn't that I consciously chose to exclude it in my last blog post of sunshine & flowers, I literally did not remember that it happened. But then Erin reminded me (& also gave me a great blog post title, already in proper grammatical style) & now I must recount this vital part of the creative process. Because creativity includes maaany highs & lows, & I know that I am often guilty of only documenting the highs...

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Yarn Pilgrimage // Rhinebeck, NY

I often joke about going on "yarn pilgrimages" - AKA semi (or fully) planning a trip because of the yarn stores, fiber festivals, and/or sheep I want to see. It happened a lot when I studied abroad - my Spring Break conveniently fell over the weekend of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in Scotland, so of course I had to go. And of course I had to take a trip to Loop London while I was in the UK. And of course it was all amazing!

In the spirit of fully embracing yarn pilgrimages & traveling with yarn/knitting/craft at the forefront of one's mind, I've decided to dedicate an entire blog segment to it. Hence, welcome to the first installment of the Yarn Pilgrimage blog posts: Rhinebeck.

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Golden Birthday Sale!

I grew up thinking Golden Birthdays were common knowledge, but as I've learned while celebrating mine, a lot of people have no idea what they are. So here's a fun little fact for you, in case you didn't know: your Golden Birthday is when you turn the age that is the date of your birthday! So mine was yesterday - I turned 23 on October 23rd. And it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! Grayson & I celebrated with a trip to NYC & Rhinebeck (more on that later) & I ate a whole lot of cake.

So I've been celebrating pretty well, but I wanted to make sure that you guys can celebrate with me too! So for today & tomorrow (10/24 & 10/25), I'm offering 23% off everything everywhere! That's 23% off all patterns, handknit goods, & mugs. It's pretty exciting!

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Slow Fashion October // Making, Remaking, & Mending

Slow Fashion October is in full swing all over the internet & I am LOVING it! Check out the #slowfashionoctober hashtag on Instagram to follow along, & if you missed my first blog post you can check it out here. In this post, I outline the results of my wardrobe musings & where to go from here - a leap into sewing, mending long-worn pieces, & reworking some very special yarn.

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Slow Fashion October // Introduction & Goals

The best month of the year is finally here! Just kidding, they're all great. But October has a special place in my heart, because #1 it's birthday month (& GOLDEN birthday month this year!); #2 the weather is pretty much unequivocally excellent; and #3 it's Slow Fashion October!

I am an avid follower of Karen Templer's blog, Fringe Association (& her shop is awesome too!), and one of my favorite things that she does is Slow Fashion October. For the glorious month of October, she facilitates a beautiful, messy, complex, & rewarding conversation surrounding the concept of slow fashion & the people, brands, & cultures that choose to partake in it.

Everyone defines slow fashion differently - I'm partial to Karen's definition found here - but the way I look at it is pretty simple (on the surface). To me, slow fashion is just paying attention to your clothes. Of course, that can be broken down - where they come from, how they make you feel, who made them, how to properly care for them, what they're made of... the list can go on & on. But on its purest level, slow fashion, to me, is paying attention to your clothes.

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Thoughts & Feelings // On work/life balance & self-care

It's been a (wonderfully) busy week here in Chicago, accompanied by rising temperatures that I'm finding not so wonderful. I'm incredibly jealous of people who are currently experiencing Fall-like weather, especially since I've been working on that bulky mountain of goodness in the photo above. 80+ degree temperatures do not mix well with super chunky knitwear!

My original plan was to have all the designs of the Adventurer Collection released by the end of this week, but obviously that hasn't come to fruition. I put a bit too much on my plate, & I just need more time to work though it all. There's a serious beauty to being your own boss (seriously, I love it!), but it also means that you're really the only person who can check your level of work/life balance. And I'm definitely still working on that!

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