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Yarn Pilgrimage // NYC

I'm still giddy over our trip to New York. It was probably the first time in my life that I really needed a vacation, due to all the work that I've been doing (& loving! but still, lots & lots of work). And it certainly did the trick - I came back nourished, inspired, & ready to jump into the holiday season.

I shared about our trip to Rhinebeck in my last post, & I'm so excited to share more about all the fibery exploring we did in New York City itself (& some fun new designs I've already started knitting with my new yarn!). Welcome to the second installment of my new favorite blog segment: Yarn Pilgrimage.

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Slow Fashion October // Making, Remaking, & Mending

Slow Fashion October is in full swing all over the internet & I am LOVING it! Check out the #slowfashionoctober hashtag on Instagram to follow along, & if you missed my first blog post you can check it out here. In this post, I outline the results of my wardrobe musings & where to go from here - a leap into sewing, mending long-worn pieces, & reworking some very special yarn.

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