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Yarn Pilgrimage // NYC

I'm still giddy over our trip to New York. It was probably the first time in my life that I really needed a vacation, due to all the work that I've been doing (& loving! but still, lots & lots of work). And it certainly did the trick - I came back nourished, inspired, & ready to jump into the holiday season.

I shared about our trip to Rhinebeck in my last post, & I'm so excited to share more about all the fibery exploring we did in New York City itself (& some fun new designs I've already started knitting with my new yarn!). Welcome to the second installment of my new favorite blog segment: Yarn Pilgrimage.

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Yarn Pilgrimage // Rhinebeck, NY

I often joke about going on "yarn pilgrimages" - AKA semi (or fully) planning a trip because of the yarn stores, fiber festivals, and/or sheep I want to see. It happened a lot when I studied abroad - my Spring Break conveniently fell over the weekend of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in Scotland, so of course I had to go. And of course I had to take a trip to Loop London while I was in the UK. And of course it was all amazing!

In the spirit of fully embracing yarn pilgrimages & traveling with yarn/knitting/craft at the forefront of one's mind, I've decided to dedicate an entire blog segment to it. Hence, welcome to the first installment of the Yarn Pilgrimage blog posts: Rhinebeck.

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