End of Summer Sale!

What a lovely summer it's been. I've been able to spend my time creating, relaxing with people that I love, building a home, eating amazing food - the list of blessings could go on & on. And while I'm sad that this is all coming to an end, I am reeeeeaaaally excited for what's to come!

This morning when I stepped out of my apartment, I got that first distinct smell telling me Fall is on its way. I can't exactly put my finger (or nose) on what that is, but it's crisp, inviting, & oh so cozy - I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about!

In celebration of a knitter's favorite season approaching (that's not entirely serious - I like all of the seasons for different reasons!), I've decided to throw a big end of Summer sale! You can enjoy 20% off all products & patterns from the Summer 2017 Collection, including all tops, pillows, & the bloom coffee mug.

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Color Inspiration Week 8: Chicago Bricks

I may be biased, but I really do think that Chicago is the most beautiful city in the world. Thanks to the Great Chicago Fire, we're a fairly new city (at least compared to some European cities, or even New York City), but that doesn't mean everything is all uniform & modern. Aside from the streets' grid system - which is freaking amazing, by the way - this city is incredibly diverse & so is its architecture.

This week, I chose to focus on the bricks of my favorite city. Weirdly specific, I know - but I'm fascinated by their variety. It's common to see several different bricks used in the construction of a single building - perhaps someone added a floor, or extended the back, or the builder was just weird or wanted to make dissimilar bricks a design element. Within a single block there are probably at least 30 different shades & types of brick. The possibilities with this material are endless!

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Speckle Pillow Pattern & Creative Process

I'm having a lot of fun with home goods. They're remarkably functional, & they allow for knitwear to be enjoyed every day as opposed to a top you can only wear every few days, or a sweater you can only wear half of the year. I've also developed a deep love of 12"x18" pillows, because I've discovered they are just perfect for sticking behind your neck as you sit on the couch. Just the right amount of support!

This design was created specially for my new(ish) home and was honestly a bit of an accident. Grayson & I's home is made up of so many lovely handmade touches; some made by me, some by my mom, & others that we found through various other means (including a really sweet wooden Chicago flag made from reclaimed Chicago wood that we got from UrbanArtChicago - check them out on Etsy here!). Our bedroom is still a bit of a work in progress, but will include a quilt my mom is making us (she is the absolute best), a sewn pillow she originally made my sister but was transferred to me, & some knit pillows made by me (this will eventually all be photographed, don't you worry).

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Color Inspiration Week 7: Morning Lilies

Everyone knows that Trader Joe's has the best flowers, right? Well I was shopping there yesterday & I happened upon these gorgeous lilies & I knew I needed to add them to my shopping cart.

I bought them because A) They're beautiful; B) They smell amazing; & C) I've been listening to a little too much Harry Potter & the Sacred Text lately (it's sooo good - check it out! Also if you live in Chicago they're doing a live show tonight which I'm 100% going to) so I've got lilies on the brain (Lily Potter, obviously). And isn't the coloring just amazing?!

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Book Club: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

This is the second installment of Book Club, bringing you books of all kinds to feed a creative & beautiful life. This segment runs the first Friday of every month to stimulate creative energy & passion for your weekend & throughout the month ahead. Please feel free to discuss the book (or give book recommendations) in the comments, & enjoy this month's pick: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

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Color Inspiration Week 6: Fallen Clouds (+ Fall 2017 collection sneak peak!)

I think I've become a bit obsessed with this palette. I've used the yarn in this post for two out of the four pieces of my Fall 2017 collection (coming soon!) & I'm sure I'll use it for many more projects in the future.

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, & the finicky summer weather has made the ever changing landscapes across the Midwest even more varied than usual. Yesterday, Grayson & I were driving back from visiting his family in Ohio & the sky was all over the place. When we left it was a lovely bright blue, then it got stormy & dark, & finally we ended up with this dynamic, cloudy beauty as we drove into Chicago.

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Ombre Brioche Pillow Pattern & Creative Process

I freaking love these pillows. They honestly might be my favorite thing I've ever made. The marriage of the stitch pattern, yarn, & function is just so spot on & they are the coziest, loveliest addition to any room.

I love all of Brooklyn Tweed's yarn, but I especially love Arbor. It's incredibly lofty & springy, & the color palette (based heavily on major artists, I might add) is exceptional. They have an impressive array of very chromatic neutrals, which was perfect for this project as it was again for my sister, who, as you can see from the Erin Crop Top, is a big fan of neutrals (pattern found here, finished goods found here).

Erin recently moved cross country, & in addition to her graduation present being a specially designed top, her birthday present was a set of pillows for her new apartment (I know, she gets spoiled with knitwear). I was able to design these pillows while on our family vacation in Banff, Canada, which meant that she could approve every step along the way.

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Color Inspiration Week 5: Mom's Flower Boxes

I'm home (like home home - as in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) for a few days to see my best friend before she moves across the country, which means I get to see my mom's legen - WAIT FOR IT - dary flowers boxes. I'm not kidding. These things are freaking awesome.

Mom usually switches up the flower boxes each year, but this is a repeat of last year because they're basically the perfect combination of flowers & coleus & greenery & all that good stuff. And they are just loaded with the hue greenery as well (the 2017 Pantone color of the year) which may or may not be my favorite color of the year ever (*gasp!*).

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Color Inspiration Week 4: Obersdorf, Austria

This week's color inspiration is once again brought to you by nostalgia. Not because the weather was horrible, but because I spent this week buried in spreadsheets & business plans & when I did go out I was silly & forgot to capture any of it. But never fear - these old photos are probably better than anything I could possibly find in Chicago this week anyway.

Why is that, you may ask? Because these are photos of my homeland... well, that's maybe a little dramatic. Yes, these photos are from Obersdorf, Austria - a tiny little town in the province of Styria. Think the Sound of Music, only genuinely more beautiful. My Great Great Aunt Hermine current lives there, along with a few other distant relatives of mine, and my Grandma grew up here. I mean, I technically only have 25% of me that can really claim this as my homeland. But I sure as heck do!

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Shop Update: Bloom Coffee Mugs

So I am WAAAY too excited about this product release - but I mean, come on, who doesn't love coffee mugs? And how cute are these little buddies?

I've been wanting to branch out into other beautiful items that aren't necessarily knitwear, all while sticking true to the feeling & brand of Freesia Fibers. These mugs were that perfect first step. I took the wreath from my logo design & put it with a motto that pushes me, this business, & hopefully all of you - bloom. It's gentle yet encouraging, with a reminder that it takes time, energy, & (self)care to reach your full potential. 

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Erin Crop Top Pattern & Creative Process

My sister recently graduated, and to commemorate & celebrate her achievements I made a trio of tops for her & her two best friends that she met while in school. These three clicked right away three years ago, and I am so incredibly grateful that Erin built such strong bonds to help her get through the craziness of graduate school.

Several of these tops are already available for purchase here, but I am also releasing the patterns throughout the week so that you can create them yourself. Each pattern release will be accompanied by a bit of explanation behind the design & the person it was made for.

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Book Club: Originals by Adam Grant

I've wanted to be in a book club for my entire life, but unfortunately that's never manifested. So I figured I'd start one here! Enter Book Club, bringing you books of all kinds to feed a creative & beautiful life. This segment will run the first Friday of every month to stimulate creative energy & passion for your weekend & throughout the month ahead. Please feel free to discuss the book (or give book recommendations) in the comments, & enjoy this month's pick: Originals by Adam Grant.

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